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The Savage Stone Age

You can find further ideas for learning about The Stone Age on the ‘Year 3 Summer 2020 homework’ document. 


Crafty Creations

Why not get creative and put your hand to making some of these fantastic craft ideas for bringing the Stone Age to life! Click the button below to get some ideas!


Mammoth Menu 

Stone Age people could not pop to the shop for food. Everything they ate had to be caught or collected. Write your own recipe for a stone age dinner using the sort of ingredients that would be available to them! To help, talk to an adult at home about the kind of things that may have been available to collect in the wild. 

Sounds of the Stone Age 

Stone Age hunters would listen to the sounds animals make. They would recognise the sounds and then know which types of animal they were hunting.

Can you find out how far away you can hear a sound? Can you explain why the sound is fainter the further away it is? Perhaps you can go outside to try this – you’ll be amazed at the variety of sounds your ears detect when you really listen.


Be a reporter! Interview a member of your family about what they know about the Stone Age. How could you present what you find out?