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Summer 2 Rocks and Fossils

The sun is shining and our next science topic is  Rocks and Fossils. If you are able to explore an outside space then it would be great but please make sure you stay safe and follow social distancing rules!

Below are some tasks you could try to complete:

Task one:

To start this unit we would like you to try and find different types of rocks on your walks.

Can you find out if the rocks are:

  • Igneous
  • Sedimentary
  • Metamorphic

You can watch this song to learn more.

Can you create a poster like the one below?

Task two:

You will need help from an adult for this task. You will be making the three types of rocks using starburst (or other sweets). Follow this link for the instructions. Please send in any pictures of your experiment!


Task three:

This task will involve finding different types of soils. If you can find areas on your walk where loose soil can be scooped into jars (Fill your jar about halfway)

 Then add water to cover the layer of soil and stir or shake well.

You will then need to make a prediction. What do you think will happen?

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Will the water turn a muddy colour?
  • Will the soil sit at the bottom of the jar?

After two hours return to your jars and write a conclusion.

What happened? Was your prediction correct?

Task four:

Research what a fossil is and create a comic strip showing how a fossil is made.