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Summer 1 Plants

Our unit for the next half term is Plants. As the weather is getting better, please take time to explore your garden or safe space outside, whilst socially distancing. If you can, send us a photo of your Science work, so that we can see what you have been up to (you can use the year group email for this).

Thank you for all the fantastic pictures!

Here is one example:





Task 1:

Make a list of the different plants you have found outside and draw them, labelling the different parts. 


Task 2

If you have any seeds at home that need planting, help your parents to plant and water them. Keep a diary entry recording what happens over the next couple of weeks. Mrs Sutcliff has attached two photos from her greenhouse.





Task 3:

Your task is to find out what a plant needs to survive.  Create a poster or diagram to show what the plant would need. Here is a video clip that might help: What plants need to survive.


Task 4:

Your task is to explore the life cycle of a plant.

Here is a video clip that might help: Life cycle of a plant


Task 5:

This task will be focusing on seed dispersal.

First watch this video clip: Seed dispersal

When you next go outside, take photos or draw pictures of the different types of seed dispersal methods you can find.  We look forward to seeing your discoveries!


Task 6:

Can you conduct the celery experiment?

Watch: Celery Experiment .

Did your experiment work? Send us your photos.


Task 7:

Bumblebees and insects are very important when growing plants.  Your task is to find out why and create a news report.  Don't forget to send in your reports!

You can use this website to help: Bumblebees RSBP