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Staff 2022-2023


Leadership Team
Headteacher Mr M Clark
Assistant Headteacher Mr N Owen
Inclusion Manager (SENCo)  
Business Manager  


Additional Leadership Support (REAch2 partners)
Director of Excellence and Standards Mr A Rigby
Director of Education (South) Mrs G Ellyard
Deputy Director of Education Mr J Burtt


Early Years and Key Stage 1
EYFS (Reception) Miss J Lloyd-Burke, Miss K Bradley, Mrs McAulay
Year 1 Mrs H Shoebridge, Mrs E Norris, Mrs McAulay
Year 2 Miss F May, Miss J Slater
Support Staff
EYFS (Reception) Mrs S Divall, Mrs P West
Year 1 Mrs R Bishop, Mrs C Martin, Mrs N Sheikh
Year 2 Mrs C Hill (1:1) Mrs R Laing
Additional Support Miss A Morton (HLTA), Mrs L Holloway (LSA)


Key Stage 2
Year 3 Mrs K Button, Mrs L Sutcliff, Mrs N O'Leary
Year 4 Mr J Button, Mr R Watkin
Year 5 Mr C Pawson, Mrs S Green
Year 6 Mrs H Walker, Mrs V Witham
Support Staff
Year 3 Miss L Gregory, Mrs K Martin (1:1), Mrs O Humphrey
Year 4 Mrs R Bunker, Mrs L Griffin
Year 5 Mrs G White, Mrs H Driscoll
Year 6 Mrs M Berry, Mrs C Lewis, Miss H Stokes
Additional Support Mrs A Geden (ELSA) 


Additional Teaching Staff
Cover Teachers (PPA/Leadership/CPD) Mr N Owen, Mrs J Groves
Forest School Staff (PPA) Ms E Ross, Mrs A Geden, Mrs C Shepherd


Support Staff
Premises Manager Mrs S Morgan
Finance Assistant Mrs S Betts
School Office Mrs V Blackmer, Mrs N Perrett, Mrs J Hayward
Child & Family Support Worker Mrs A Thompson
IT Technician Mr C Squires