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SPaG Song

SPaG song (to the tune of "Uptown Funk") 

This is your SPAG song

To help your learning come along

So many words to learn

Lots of golden beads to earn!


ADJECTIVES, describing words

Doing words are just called VERBS

ADVERBS, how to do

___LY words, hard, well, too!


D-ASH! (Yo!) goes between 2 sentences

SEMI-COLON, (dot, comma) does the same

COLON, (dot, dot) comes before a list of things

HYPHEN, (little Yo!) joins together words to make another!

ARTICLE - introduces a noun, the, a, an

DETERMINER - our friend, that dog, that man

PREPOSITION - where it is, outside, above, below

PREPOSITION PHRASE - behind the shed, on my toe!



Year 6 sing "Hallelujah!"

Teachers sing "Hallelujah!"

Parents sing "Hallelujah!"

SPAG songs rule, let's give it our best

SPAG songs rule, let's give it our best

SPAG songs rule, let's give it our best

So much to do, so much to learn

Don't believe me, just watch!


NOUNS, person place or thing

PROPER NOUN - Martin Luther King

COLLECTIVE NOUNS have more than one

PRONOUNS - I, she, he  - what fun!

ABSTRACT NOUNS - can't see or hear

Love, truth, wisdom, joy and fear


My, it, his, hers, theirs, mine, too!


SYNONYMS, a word that means the same

ANTONYMS, the opposite, big, small, wild, tame,

PREFIX, comes before, il, re, dis, un, in,

SUFFIX, comes after, ness, less, able, ful, ing!



CONNECTIVES, joining words

At the start or in between

CONJUNCTIONS, certain type,

Only in the middle can they be seen!



Because, until, next, that, although


BUT, OR, AND, adds more on! YO!


MAIN CLAUSE, makes sense on its own

SUBORDINATE CLAUSE won't stand alone

RELATIVE CLAUSE has relative pronouns

That, which, whose, where, when - don't frown!


ACTIVE VOICE - the focus is

What the subject is doing

The puppy chewed the shoe

The clown tied the string.


PASSIVE VOICE - the focus is

The doing rather than the noun

The shoe was chewed by the puppy.

The string was tied by the clown.

CLAUSE – group of words that contains a verb

NOUN PHRASE – group of words that contains a noun

PHRASE – group of words that has no verb

COMMAND – starts with a verb and bosses around!


SUBJECT – performs the verb

ADVERBIAL – tells us about that verb

CONTRACTED FORM – a shortened word

Can’t, don’t, won’t might be preferred!


PRESENT PERFECT - starts in the past

But still true in the present time

Harry has cut his finger,

I have read the "Life of Pi".


PAST PROGRESSIVE - shows action

Happening in the past.

I was riding in the park,

We were running really fast!


SUBJUNCTIVE FORM - about the future

The things that you might plan to do.

In front of a normal verb,

Would eat, could eat, should eat too!


MODAL VERB - an action

That is not yet done

Will be, might have, can, could,

This is fun!