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Eastbrook Primary Academy

Eastbrook Primary Academy

"Everyone matters and every day counts"

"An outstanding school" (Ofsted July 2015)

Windmill Hill

Monday 3.00pm

It was great to welcome everyone back to school this afternoon. It sounds like everyone had a great time. Hopefully all of the children will sleep well tonight! We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Witham, Miss Sussman,  Mr Trower, Mrs Presland (and her daughter) for giving up their time to go on the trip. It certainly couldn't have happened without them.

Monday 2.00pm

The coach has left Windmill Hills.  We are expecting the children to be back to school by about 3pm.  Can we please ask that parents let us know before they collect their child from the coach so that we can account for everyone.

Monday 9.00am

Another good night for everyone.  The children have all had breakfast and are heading off into the sunshine for another day of activities.  The coach is expecting to collect them at 2pm so they should be back to school by about 3pm.  We will keep you informed nearer the time.

Sunday 7.00pm

The children have enjoyed the sun today and have repeatedly been reminded to put sun cream on, which is lovely in England, in May! They are currently having a Sunday roast before getting dressed up for the disco. One of the challenges they were given today was to 'look after' a water balloon, some of them took the responsibility really seriously, showing off the caring side of their personalities! The teachers are hoping the children will fall asleep quickly tonight as they have used so much energy!

Sunday 3.00pm

The children are delighted the sun has come out and have had a fantastic Sunday so far. They have enjoyed raft building, abseiling, aeroball and worked extremely well in teams for problem solving. One team even broke a PGL record! Mrs Witham was extremely proud to turn up to an activity to be told: 'I have heard about you, you're the good group people are talking about!' 

Sunday 8.00am

After a good sleep last night the children have started the day in good spirits. The sun is shining and it looks like it is going to stay that way for the rest of the trip. The teachers will send through a couple of updates across the day.

Saturday 9.00pm

Last night the children were excited at the thought of a campfire, tonight they were keen to visit the shop and buy some souvenirs. More news will follow in the morning. The forecast looks positive.

Saturday 5.00pm

The children have continued to enjoy a range of activities. For many the high swing has been the highlight of the day so far. They have certainly been active all day and very well fed, enjoying spaghetti bolognese for lunch. Three different PGL staff have commented today on how "quick, calm and intelligent" the children are - they are a credit to Eastbrook. Thoughts are heading towards dinner where chicken nuggets are on offer, amongst other things. Yesterday many enjoyed fish and chips! Mrs Witham is sure that they will all sleep well tonight!

Saturday 11.00am

Everyone got some sleep - some more than others! After a large breakfast the five groups went out to their first activities: climbing, big swing, team solving, canoeing and team games. The rain had fortunately stopped by this  point and it is now pretty sunny. The children have moved straight onto their next activity which will followed by lunch. They are not looking quite as clean and tidy as they did in their first photo!

Friday 7.00pm

The children have enjoyed their first activities: tunneling and zip wire. There was some heavy rain but the sun is now shining. Everyone seemed to tuck in at tea, with plenty of choice. They are now enjoying a camp fire and look very good in their hoodies. The dorms look very smart with everyone happy to see bunk beds. Later the children will learn what tomorrow brings before heading to bed for a quiet night! Mrs Sherlock will be back first thing in the morning to check everybody has had a good night. So far everyone has shown a really good attitude to everything, with plenty of lively participation. 

Friday 2:00pm

We have had our first up date and are happy to report that the children have arrived safely and are settling in well.  They are currently playing some games in the sports hall as it is raining (hard!) but the rain is meant to stop before their first activities.  Mrs Sherlock will be heading across to see the children before tea time to check that everyone is ok and to drop off some forgotten items!  We will endeavour to keep you up-to-date throughout the week-end, WiFi permitting.

Friday 10:00am Staff are ready. Children are ready. Hoodies handed out. Waiting for the coach.