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  • Monday

    Published 19/05/22, by Admin


    It is our last day at Osmington Bay.

    After getting up, packing and eating breakfast, we are ready to begin our last morning of activities. This morning, we are all taking part in various activities on the site.

    We aim to have lunch at around midday and will be departing around 2pm. Hopefully, we will see you all very shortly. We have had a great time at Osmington Bay and have made so many memories. However, we are very excited to see you all! The office will provide you all with an update with our time of arrival back at school.

    See you soon!

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  • Sunday

    Published 19/05/22, by Admin

    Hello all,

    Another goodnights sleep was had, and another delicious breakfast eaten.

    Today, everyone is preparing themselves for lots more action on site. Everyone is excited to try zip-lining, abseiling, fencing, abseiling and rifle shooting.

    We are all having lots of fun and are enjoying the activities.

    In the evening we have our PGL sports night.

    Cannot wait to see you all soon.

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  • Saturday

    Published 19/05/22, by Admin

    Hello everyone!

    It has been a fun-packed day of activities today!

    Overnight we all managed to have a good night sleep – I think Mr Trower’s hike and ‘Wacky Races’ wore us out!

    Our day started with breakfast together. Then we split into two groups. The first group went to the Weymouth Water sports Centre for raft building whilst the other group stayed and did activities on site such as climbing and archery.

    Then we switched around in the afternoon.

    Once all the activities were finished at 4pm, time was spent in our rooms where the first room inspection took place! After dinner, we have planned an evening entertainment - Robot Wars.

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  • Friday

    Published 17/05/22, by Admin

    Hello everyone!

    After a long journey, we arrived safely at Osmington Bay - bringing the glorious sunshine with us! As soon as we arrived, we had our lunch before heading off to the beach to explore. We searched for pebbles with holes, played games and some of us were brave enough to dip our toes in the water!

    We have unpacked everything in our room and have met the Osmington Bay staff who will be looking after us for the next few days.

    Dinner was yummy! We could choose fish and chips or chicken curry with rice - followed by a chocolate éclair - delicious!

    The PGL staff told us to get changed into our wackiest outfits ready for the evening activity of 'wacky races'. They were great fun and we really got into the spirit of dressing up!

     We are all looking forward to the following activities tomorrow: raft building, climbing, fencing and archery

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