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Science Year 6 Summer 2

Our unit for Summer 2 is Electricity.

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Can you remember learning about this in Year 4? What is electricity? Do you know how electricity is generated?

Task 1 – TBAT create a circuit and use recognised symbols to illustrate it

Draw a simple circuit from your learning in year 4 but this time use the correct scientific symbols. Have a look at the resource sheet to help you. Go to: to help you to draw it and if you want to have a practise go to

Task 2 – TBAT investigate how voltage affects output

How does electricity work? Look at What would happen if I increased the voltage to a circuit? Have a go at: and see what happens.

When you have finished watch

Task 3 - TBAT explore why a component might function differently

We have discovered what happens when you increase the voltage in a circuit but what happens when you change different parts of a circuit? For example, what if you have lots of bulbs? Or wires arranged differently? Or some switches? Have a go at: and experiment!

Task 4 – How much have you learned? Have a go at the end of unit assessment