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Eastbrook Primary Academy

Eastbrook Primary Academy

"Everyone matters and every day counts"

"An outstanding school" (Ofsted July 2015)

Science - Summer 1

The weather is getting better -  take this time to discover your garden or safe outside space whilst socially distancing. What plants can you see? How do they grow? How do they reproduce? Can you classify them? What is each part of the plant called? Can you draw them? What detail could you include?

The unit for the next half term is Living things and their habitats - specifically looking at classification of living things - can you remember what makes a living thing from your Year 4 learning?

Task 1 - can you classify things? Have a go at classifying some objects according to their characteristics. For example, different foods from your fridge or your toys or the contents of your pencil case. Send us a photo so we can see how you got on. 

Task 2 - In your garden or safe outside space (whilst still socially distancing) or even looking out of the window, how many examples can you find of a creature that fits into the 5 different vertebrate categories i.e. a mammal, a fish, an amphibian, a bird or a reptile. Are there a lot more of one and less of another? Why do you think that is? What is it about their habitat that makes them more or less prevalent? Can you make a bar chart to show what you discovered?

Task 3 - What makes a mollusc, an insect and an arachnid? Can you do some research and find out how and why they are different and what makes them what they are? 

Task 4 - You have discovered a 'new' creature - it can be a mammal, bird, fish, amphibian, reptile, mollusc, insect or arachnid, use your imagination. Draw your new discovery and make some notes about it so it could be classified by biologists. Remember to include details such as: backbone, eggs/live birth, warm/cold blooded, legs, body parts, metamorphosis etc.