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If you are interested in doing some home learning activities linked to Science, then why not exercise your curiosity and investigate the life cycles of different animals!

Here are few ideas:

Task 1 - If you have an egg at home, have a really good look at it. What can you see on the outside? What do you think the shell is made of? Why do you think it is the shape it is?

With an adult, crack the egg open (into a bowl!) What do you notice now? What do you think the ‘yolk’ and the ‘white’ are for? Use the Internet to find the scientific names for the parts of the egg and try and find out what they are for.

Why not try to answer the age-old question: What came first, the chicken or the egg?!

Task 2 – Look out of a window. Can you see any birds? How many different birds can you see? Keep a record of the birds that you can see. Do you know any of their names?

Task 3 – Watch the video clip:

Draw a diagram of the lifecycle of one of the birds you might have seen from your window.

Draw a diagram of another animal – perhaps an insect or amphibian? What are the key differences between the lifecycles?

Task 4 - You have discovered a 'new' creature - it can be a mammal, bird, fish, amphibian, reptile or invertebrate; use your imagination. Create your own lifecycle for that animal. Remember, your life cycle must match the type of animal you have chosen.