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Eastbrook Primary Academy

Eastbrook Primary Academy

"Everyone matters and every day counts"

"An outstanding school" (Ofsted July 2015)

Osmington Bay

Friday 13th May

1.30pm - The coach has left with an estimated arrival time of 4.30pm.

8.30am - The children had a good night. Some of them are starting to look a bit tired but they are tucking into their breakfast and getting ready for another full morning of activities. The sun is still shining although its a bit windy!

Thursday 12th May

7pm - It sounds like it's been a busy day. The children have just enjoyed their dinner (including a choc ice or two). The PGL team are busy organising games for the evening. Mrs Sherlock will be calling in first thing tomorrow to check up on everyone.

1.30pm - We have had another update.  Mr Trower says that everything is going well and the children have been great.They have had a go at aeroballing and a chance to try the giant swing. They have enjoyed a 'big' pasta lunch and are about to try raft building and abseiling this afternoon.  The sun is shining!

8.30am  - Mr Owen has phoned in to say that the children were genuinely excellent last night and had a good night's sleep.  The rooms are still very tidy! Everyone is about to have breakfast before raft building and tunnelling.

Wednesday 11th May

9pm -  Apparently dinner was lovely and everyone tucked in. This was followed by a game of 'Ambush' or Hide and Seek to use it's more traditional name! All the children are reported to be looking tired but happy.

6pm - All is going well. The children have already completed two activities. They have also settled into their rooms which are looking remarkably tidy so far! They are just off to have dinner before the evening entertainment begins. As you would expect behaviour has been superb.

12.30pm  - We are delighted to inform you that the children have arrived safely at the centre. To break up the journey and for driver safety, they had a reasonable stop on the way.  They have met their team leaders and are currently learning the PGL song!