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Amazon Adventure

You can find further ideas for learning about the topic Amazon Adventure on the ‘Year 5 Summer 2020 homework’ document

Crazy Combo

Combine the features of two animals from the rainforest to create your own new animal. Make a fictional fact file for it. What name would you give it? Which features did you choose and why?


Jungle Job    

Write a job description to become an explorer in the Amazon Rainforest!  What qualities and experience would you need?  What equipment must you have?


All Ears 

Whilst outside (if you can), close your eyes and imagine that you are standing in the middle of a rainforest or jungle. Write or draw to show what you imagine that you will hear, see, smell and feel.


Tropical Treasure Hunt  

Check around your home for products or ingredients that may have come from a tropical area such as the rainforest! Some examples are: Chocolate (from the cacao plant), coffee, nuts, vanilla, bananas, spices. Check the labels on packaging to see if you trace the country or place of origin.