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Latest Mabel News

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  • 6 Months

    Published 10/06/23

    I am now 6 months old and have settled into school life really well, I love sitting at my stair gate waiting for children to pass and say hello.

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  • My first week at school

    Published 27/02/23

    I have had the best week at school, lots of children share how lucky we are to have a school dog, but I am the lucky one as I am enjoying all the love and attention. This week I made lots of children smile and I managed to only nibble a few fingers.

    I have also been very helpful this week. I helped to calm a child as they stroked my fur, I also helped a child who struggles with speech to say new words, such as ''good dog'', ''soft'' and ''Mabel''.

    A child who is scared of dogs even touched my fur and gave me her biscuit (it was delicious!).

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  • Hi I'm Mabel

    Published 19/02/23

    Hi I'm Mabel, and welcome to my world!

    Im am Eastbrooks new school puppy.

    I will be using this page to keep you all updated on what I get up to.

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