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Year 1 Topic and Homework

Welcome to our Year 1 Page

We will keep you up to date with what is happening in your child’s year group in this section. Details of their topics, class trips, WOW days and activities can all be found here.

Mrs H. Shoebridge, Mrs E Norris and Mrs J Groves.

From Zero To Hero - Spring Term 2023

In the Spring term we will learn about everything it takes to become a hero. We will explore ‘Real-life’ heroes and the work that they do in our community. We will also look at some historical figures that are known as heroes and think about why that is. We will look at the qualities that heroes need to have and enjoy a WOW day where we put these things into practise! As part of 11b411 we will try to achieve hero status by carrying out good deeds throughout the term. 



Blow the House Down - Autumn Term 2022

In the autumn term we will be looking at castles and fairy tales. The children will learn about different traditional fairy tales and explore the different characters in each story. We have an exciting Fairy-tale day and each child can come to school dressed as their favourite character. Which fairy tale character is your favourite and why?