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Eastbrook Primary Academy

Eastbrook Primary Academy

"Everyone matters and every day counts"
"An outstanding school" (Ofsted July 2015)

Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 Page

We will keep you up to date with what is happening in your child’s year group in this section. Details of their topics, class trips, WOW days and class based activities can be found here.

"I'm very pleased with my child's progress in Year 1.  Their confidence has soared and I'm very proud to say my child attends eastbrook." (Parent Questionnaire, April 2018)

Summer 2018 - Minibeasts
In the first half of the Summer term, we will be shrinking down to explore the tiny world of mini-beasts. We will visit Pulborough Brooks in West Sussex, where we will look at the natural habitats, both on land and in the water and look to see which mini-beasts live there and why. 

In the second half term, we will be travelling back in time to discover what the world was like when dinosaurs roamed the planet. We will look at different dinosaurs and find out facts about each one. The children will also go on an archaeological dig to find out about different fossils.

Which dinosaur will be your favourite and why?

Spring 2018 - Superheroes and Real-life heroes

This term we will begin by exploring the different superheroes and their super powers! We will discover why and how each individual superhero helps people and saves the world! As the topic progresses we will then begin to relate this to real-life heroes. We will begin to understand how real-life heroes such as nurses, firefighters and the police help and save people too. During this topic the children will be able to come to school dressed as their favourite superhero! We will also receive a visit from a nurse from a hospital and get the opportunity to ask questions about this job.


Autumn 2017 - Once upon a time in Year 1…

In the Autumn term we will be looking at different traditional fairy tales and explore the different characters in each story. We have an exciting Fairy-tale day and each child can come to school dressed as their favourite character. We will visit the local library in Southwick to begin to understand how to use the library and listen to a story. The librarian will explain how the library system works and each child will have the opportunity to borrow a book from the library using a library card.

We will discover and learn about the exciting festivals and events that happen on the lead up to Christmas. This will include learning about Diwali, a Hindu religious celebration. The children will take part in a Diwali day which includes dancing, face-painting, story-telling and dressing up.

Which fairy tale character is your favourite and why?

Topic this term: Once upon a time . . .

Trip: Southwick Library




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