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Eastbrook Primary Academy

Eastbrook Primary Academy

"Everyone matters and every day counts"
"An outstanding school" (Ofsted July 2015)



3pm  Everyone has arrived safely back to school.  We hope that all the children sleep well tonight after all their excitement.  A big thank you to Mrs Witham, Miss Sussman, Mrs Groves and Mr Trower for supporting this trip, hopefully they will sleep well too!

1.30pm - The children have arrived back in England!  The expected arrival time is 3.05 but obviously this could change so please  keep checking the website/text messaging service.

11.30am - First stop for the morning was a sweet factory. The children all had a chance to see how boiled sweets were made.  They also got a chance to check how they tasted! Next they visited a French Supermarket to purchase final souvenirs (for their families!).  They are about to have lunch and will then head north to the tunnel for their return journey.

6.30am (7.30 in France) - Everyone slept well after another busy day. The group is about to have breakfast before heading off for their final day in France. We expect the coach to be back at about 3.45 but will keep you updated as we get news.


10pm - The evening ended with a great disco. Hopefully this means everyone is so tired they  will go straight to sleep! 

5pm - This afternoon was all about den building, with the children able to put their forest school skills to good use; apparently the shelters were outstanding, They are just getting 'cleaned up' for dinner.

11.30am - The children loved the aquarium. They watched a sea lion show, stroked sting rays  and sat inches away from sharks! Lunch will once again be on the beach as the weather is so good. The children are off to buy  ice creams, with Mrs Groves helping them to place their orders in perfect French. After lunch they will return to the centre for more activities, including shelter building. 

6.30am (7.30 in France!) - The news first thing is that the children all slept well and that behaviour has been brilliant. The group are about to enjoy breakfast before heading off to the aquarium.


8pm - To finish the day the children played a range of games on the local beach. The beach is only a few minutes walk from the house and is absolutely stunning, with miles and miles of sand. The teachers are hoping that the children get to sleep as quickly and as sensibly as they did last night! 

4pm - After an afternoon of outdoor activities the children are now having a go at making crepes.

2pm - Games at the house included problem solving and bouldering. Everyone's behaviour has been excellent and the sun is still shining!

12.30pm - At the bakery the children all had a go at making their own croissants and pain au chocolat. They also tasted some freshly baked bread. At the market there was a chance to  buy some  souvenirs and taste more local delicacies. The weather was good enough for everyone to enjoy lunch on the beach. The group is now heading back to the house and grounds for a range of activities. 

6.30am (7.30 French time!)- All of the children have had a good night's sleep. This morning they will head off to the bakery before visiting a traditional market. They will definitely have an opportunity to try out their French if they want to buy anything from the stalls.


10.30pm - Most of the children are now asleep. More updates to follow in the morning.

8pm - The teachers would like you to know that the children have been great (so far). After learning about snails they moved on to a chocolate factory. Apparently the children were almost as keen to try the chocolate as the snails! Incase they hadn't eaten enough on their travels, dinner was pizza and chips. The children have all unpacked and are supposedly getting ready for bed!

6.30pm - The children have arrived at the centre and are just about to have dinner. They are the only group that will be staying there this weekend so they won't be able to disturb anyone, other than the teachers!  The sun is still shining.

4pm - The latest update from France is that some of the children have eaten snails!  They have also been practising their French as everything has been explained in both languages.

2pm - The children have enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine before visiting a local town to look at some historic forts.

12pm - First stop could not be more French, the children are visiting a Snail Farm.  Not sure if any of them will be brave enough to try one if they get the chance!

11.30am  - The children are safely in France.  They are still on the train but about to go back and join their coach.

7:35am  - Staff and children have safely departed from Eastbrook, all looking increadibly smart in their jade hoodies. We will keep you updated as their journey to France progresses.


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